Mindful Psychotherapy In Marin & The East Bay

What’s involved in a mindful approach to Psychotherapy?
As a licensed Psychotherapist for the past 28 years I bring my background of over 40 years of Mindfulness practice to my work with individuals, families and couples. Our culture, using the Western “Medical Model” often pathologizes our ills. We are encouraged to medicate ourselves and our dis-ease as if this can truly lead to freedom from suffering and to happiness. Though I support anyones’ choice to use medications,I have developed a skillful approach to transform the pain and confusion caused by stubborn, toxic and damaging patterns and emotions. I welcome any person who is suffering and wants some relief. My approach to healing blends Western and Eastern techniques and perspectives in a skillful empathic way that is sensitive to the uniqueness of each person. My main concern is not with any technique, or tradition, but rather in discovering the healing potential in using non-judgmental attention and guided inquiry. This process will engage you in a process that begins to untangle many “stuck” places in both the mind and heart. One does not need to have any connection to any spiritual tradition to benefit from working with me in a mindful way.

While certainly not a prerequisite, I do thoroughly enjoy working with both beginning and advanced Dharma practitioners in resolving various life, relationship, or spiritual challenges. As my own work on myself deepens, I’ve noticed that my offering as a psychotherapist has been expanding. This often results in my patients feeling more ease in the heart and more space, or openness in the mind. With genuine openness and careful attention, the most suborn, painful and deepest wounds, even those stemming from trauma, or unconscious patterns, can reveal and resolve themselves. Toxic, obsessive emotions and thinking patterns can finally soften, transform, or dissipate. With the right psychological tools, anyone with patience and interest can discover crucial distinctions between letting-go and spiritual bypassing, or avoidance. This is the kind of self understanding that leads to healthy self acceptance and a calmer, more spacious and joyful sense of oneself.

Populations I work with:

  • Adults
  • Adolescents
  • Couples
  • Families

Clinical areas of special interest in addition to spiritual issues:

  • All Relationships
  • Issues of Sexuality and Identity
  • Anxiety/Panic/Phobias/Paranoia
  • All Attention Deficits
  • Cross Cultural Sensitivities
  • Trauma & Abuse
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Men’s Issues
  • Anger
  • Grief/Loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Divorce
Nick in his garden Right mindfulness is more than attention. There is an interest in the way things are.