Individual Adults

What can be expected in “good” psychotherapy with a mindfulness perspective? Within the support of a safe environment good therapy encourages and supports building trust, opening your heart to yourself. As trust deepens within, outside relationships begin to reflect this new capacity. The mindful development of trust lays the groundwork for inner, non- judgmental investigation of your inner world. As the strength of this kind of inner clarity grows confidence develops and change naturally unfolds. Many of our problems stem from our early experience with some kind depriving environment where the conditions were just not “good enough” for the heart to open naturally. Then we develop a system of core beliefs that severely limits our capacity to trust ourselves and others. Our goal in therapy should be to skillfully dismantle this system of beliefs that block our heart from the love that is its deepest nature. No matter how healthy our early life was, many difficulties in adulthood stem from change, or loss. Much of our lives present us with a constant barrage of change. This is where it becomes crucial to develop resiliency, an ability to “roll with the punches”. How do we do this? My work often results in the feeling of having more space, or openness in the mind. In the atmosphere of openness and careful attention, even change or loss that seems destabilizing can be lovingly held until a genuine integration can occur.

The Conch The Right turning Conch proclaims the message that all beings can be free from ignorance.Good Psychotherapy requires good listening. A Non judgmental interest in the truth of Suffering.