Families, have you lost your perspective on what’s important? Families have the sacred task of raising and educating our children. In raising children it could be helpful to understand the different stages of growth for a child in terms of body, mind and emotions.Each stage of life has different tasks that each child must accomplish in order to move on to the next stage without lingering difficulties. The marriage, or the primary relationship is also sacred & also has stages & tasks that must be understood to keep this union vital and intact. My offering to families can also include education & skills to enhance moral development and the sense of conscience and personal integrity. This could involve a closer look at punishment vs consequences. I also have experience & offer skills in working with blended family issues, broken trust issues, difficult or unusual child issues.

The Wheel of Law Wheels have three parts like families. The Hub, like the parents are the axis, the center. The Rim is the limit, the boundary. The Spokes are the kids, the connection, the path. The circle is already perfect..