Invitation To Young People

There are tremendous stresses and weighty expectations on young people. It seems so difficult in these trying times to establish a healthy sense of self and a feeling of independence, a genuine independence. The developmental tasks of deciding about college and, or career path is difficult enough. Add to this relationship concerns, personal identity issues, social pressure and parental expectations makes this time of life feel quite daunting. Let me say this very clearly. No matter how severe your issues seem to you. If you truly want to progress, if you genuinely want to change mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that are in your way, that are making it impossible for you to enjoy your life I believe that I can help you. If you can allow me to show you how to become skillful in working directly with your own mind there is no limit to the healing that is possible. Enough said for now.

The endless Knot Cause and effect are seamless, there are no gaps in this fully balanced harmony. Actions have no beginning and no end, yet we can choose to act.